We are the leader in customer service, with technical competence to ensure compliance to international standards of safety and quality, continuous research and developments and providing products of consistent quality at competitive price.


Superfix was incorporated in 1987 to provide a wise range of semi-finished products made from more than 3,000 different sizes of Stainless Steels, Aluminium Alloys, Engineering Plastics, Copper & Brass, Tool Steels and Fasteners. These consist of rods, plate sheets, coils, heavy-walled and thin-walled tubes, sections in stock and finished goods.

Our focus is on providing a total solution, offering sales and services to a diverse base of customers in the Electronic, Chemical, Marine, Food, Automotive, Interior Decoration, Medical, Automation, Semi-Conductor, Disk Drive, Aircraft, Marine, Oil & Gas, Building Hardware and Construction industries.


Over this years, with our commitment to total quality excellence, we were able to build up a team of dedicated professionals with a wide spectrum of expertise. It was through their collective efforts, together with the support of valued clients and business partners, that we established our presence in the local industry, as well as the international arena.

Superfix has become synonymous with engineered Stainless Steels, Aluminium Alloys, Engineering Plastics, Copper & Brass, Tool Steels and Fasteners that provide excellent properties for Corrosion Resistance, Weldability, Machining, Grinding, Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Resistance, Good High and Low Temperatures, Cleanability and Hygiene characteristics to a visit array of sector.

Superfix is keen to establish a wordwide network of distributors and business partners. We look forward to technical discussions, sharing of knowledge and expertise, and business up multi-party, beneficial business relationships in an era where society and the world becomes a global village. We are adaptable to changes and embrace Information Technology as a necessary step towards excellence in customer service.

Share our vision. Join us as a business partner. Together, we can be more competitive and reach out more effectively to our customers to serve them better.